Conservation treatments

At the Region of Waterloo Archives, many of the items are rather old, and some items are in rough shape. As such, usual preservation efforts of keeping the item in a place with low, consistent relative humidity and temperature, as well as low light are not enough.

For one plan of Berlin from the early 1900s, I followed the Canadian Conservation Institute’s (CCI) guide for “Dry methods for Surface Cleaning of Paper” in order to “erase” some of the dirt on the plan. Afterwards, I followed the CCI’s guide for encapsulation, which allows the plan to be easily viewed and handled without worrying about the brittle paper crumbling.

For two books published in 1900 and 1938, I created and modified boxes that will allow the books to be handled and shelved without worry. The modified box was made out of a ready made book box, while the one I created was built with an archival map folder and some Velcro.

Website development and content creation for the CIRHR library

IRHR Websites pic

Working at the Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources, I fixed issues with the “IR/HR Websites” page of the CIRHR library website. This included addressing issues with the code for fonts and paragraph spacing, replacing many dead links, and adding new content. I performed these tasks using the Drupal content management system, which the website is based on. Additionally, I reformatted some of the content on the main page of the CIRHR library website, and added an Instagram widget.

Additionally, I reformatted and added content to some of the CIRHR’s Research Guides (aka libguides). These pages have thousands of visits every year, and were designed to help students have a starting point for their essays, help researchers gain a general understanding of a topic, and give faculty and past students a refresher. They include a mix of print and online materials.

Canadian Strikes pic

Social Media


While working at the Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources Library, I started an Instagram account, added content to the Library’s tumblr and twitter, and created stories for the library’s weekly publication, the Perry Work Report.These accounts were used for everything from promoting library events and showing off holiday decorations, to sharing news stories and studies relevant to the field of Industrial Relations and Human Resources.

Conference and Publication activity

In addition to my experiences in various libraries and archives, I am also active in academic circles, where I have had the privilege to present and publish some of my writing.

Here are links to conference programs and proceedings from some of the ones that I have presented at:

Screen the Carleton Communication Graduate Caucus

Society for Socialist Studies at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences

BOBCATSSS 2015 Conference Proceedings

Popular Culture Association of Canada 2015 and 2016

Defying Conventions at University of Toronto in the Faculty of Information

Tollkeeper’s Cottage Archive Intranet